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10 Types Of YouTubers We Can’t Handle Anymore

Youtube is not a part of social media or entertainment anymore, it’s literally our best friend. Bored till death? Try just checking Youtube videos and viola, you have ended up wasting nearly an entire day. That’s the magic of Youtube, it attracts you and keeps you hooked up more than you want to. Although that’s not all, Youtube has become a source of employment for a lot of ‘Got nothing to do in life so will start a Youtube channel’ kind of people. Here are 10 types of YouTubers we clearly are tired of seeing,

10. The Herd Follower 

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They start as a fashion blogger but move on to making DIY’s and then everything else. These are the kind of YouTubers who simply follow the herd, the moment they stop getting new ideas they shift to taste tests, blabbering and at times offering tutorials too. If nothing works, why not just start doing what the majority is already doing, Yes that’s an excellent idea! No.


Image result for DYING ANT VLOG

It’s good, to be frank, and open to your viewers about different activities that keep happening in your life, but at times the limit exceeds. These Vloggers Vlog about even an ant dying because people are fools and they will end up watching everything you show them, right? No.

8. I am Sponsored

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These YouTubers are only on youtube for money. They might have talent and skills but they tend to forget about it as soon as people start approaching them with their products or services. Once they realize that sponsoring is getting them more money than they expected it ends up being all about sponsorship. No matter how irrelevant the product is to their channel, it will end up becoming a part of the video.

7. The Click bait

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Ever tried Window shopping? If yes then you have understood the concept of these YouTubers. Their thumbnail is something that will lure you into the video, 30 seconds into the video and you are still wondering when will the process begin. Sorry, you have been fooled my friend even if its, not April. The technique of Click Bait has always angered the audience so beware if you are a Youtuber and ever plan on doing the same.

6. 100 Coats, Because Got Nothing To Do

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As a creative person who is always on the go, it is possible to fall short of unique and outstanding ideas. This indicates it’s time you go out, explore and take inspiration from the world. Though for some YouTubers it means making a few nonsensical 100 coats, layers, and etc videos. These videos are a waste of time and resource honestly, like why would you waste an entire bottle of nail paint only to wipe it off later?

5. I Have an Extremely Busy Life

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There is always this one Youtuber out of 10 who will take months to upload a single video. Oh, they also always have an explanation by the way. These late bloomers, talk about life as if they are the only ones managing a life like that, well the rest of us are busy waiting for them to upload. The reasons they often come up with is either struggling with college/school or work. If you had so much to handle, why start a channel?

4. Travel Vlogs (Travel through my Body)

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Happy that the YouTuber you follow will be traveling soon and Vlogging about it? Don’t be. There are several YouTubers who promise beautiful and dreamy travel Vlogs, what we get in return? A tour of their body and a glimpse of the Hotel and the loads of food they eat. We expected some sceneries, Chica!

3. Copycats


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These guys need no introduction, we have spotted them a million times. You can hate them as much as you want but they are never backing out. They brilliantly copy someone’s content and don’t even feel the need to give credits to the said person. Reason being? ‘That was my idea, I just recorded the video later ‘.

2. Can Cook Pasta

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‘I can make Pasta so I am going to become the new food blogger in town.’  It’s very much possible that you could be really good at cooking a few dishes but that does not mean you start a channel. Half of the time these YouTubers copy the recipes of other YouTubers and just add an ingredient or two of their preference thus calling it their innovation. Why not try something that you are really too good at?

1. Fashion? Vlogger

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Can’t miss these guys. These guys at times might have an impeccable fashion sense but will suggest clothes that can only be purchased by them or a chosen few. The other section is usually full of ‘I know nothing about fashion but why not give it a try’. Their content ideas are also usually copied and often makes us wonder why are we even seeing them.

Becoming a Youtuber is definitely a fun filled job but that’s just not where it ends. You need to put in efforts, thrive for better ideas and think about the viewers because in the long run, you can’t keep your game up through copying.






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