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10 transportation modes of the future

Have you ever wondered how transportation in future will unfold? We have transportation now which we consider fast, but whenever we think about future, we imagine a super fast vehicle which is also fuel efficient. Is it possible? Well let us check out these modes of transportation which will take travelling to a new level.

10. Space Elevators

Although space travel first came into practical world in 1960s, the concept of space elevators was thought a century ago. Basically, a space elevator connects the space to a  base station on the Earth. This can save a lot of fuel which goes waste in space rocket propulsion and minimize the cost by a significant margin.

This concept is being worked on to limit the cost of cargo.

9.  Velo-City

Do you love cycling? If you do, the future has something to offer you . Velo-City, a concept proposed in 2006 by Canadian architect, Chris Hardwicke, works on the principle of minimizing the effort and enhancing the efficiency, which can result in improved speed of a cyclist.

In practical form, Velo-City is a tunnel which is pollution free, healthier, ultra quiet mode of transportation. Now, you can ride in an environment which is fresh and free of motor vehicle emission.

Though this concept is halted for now due to lack of funding, it is expected to restart very soon.

8. Vacuum Train

As we have already trains which work on magnetic levitation system, the idea of vacuum train has formed a definite shape into science world. This train works on similar to the system of magnetic levitation trains, just transiting in an evacuated tube.

This future proposal can increase the travel speed up to 4000 mph, which you know is super fast!

This project is being worked on and proposals are being made to connect major cities of the world, slashing the travel time considerably.

7. Flying Car

Yes, you will get to own your own version of Bat-mobile very soon in the future. This may seem like a Bond-movie concept, but it is being worked on and soon you will have what you saw in Back to the future movies.

This mode of transport is very similar to any other car but, as you are aware by the name, it can fly.

There are various prototypes being proposed constantly and soon it will be in the mainstream mode of transport with costs lower than normal flying transports.


If you are into motorbikes, this futuristic mode of transport will make you go berserk. This concept is proposed by Harley-Davidson. SCARAB can run on four wheels or two, depending on your choice.

Proposed to run on batteries or biofuel, this is what future bikers will crave for. Requiring minimum space for parking, as it is collapsible, this vehicle is also environment-friendly.

Currently, this project is being worked on with results expected in near future.

5. Supercavitation

Some of you might be thinking about the kind of work being done in water transport. Well, Supercavitation is the answer of your queries. Working on the principle of minimizing the friction to enhance speed and cut down fuel costs, this mode of transport is currently being proposed for military purpose.

Juliet Marine System, a private company from New Hampshire, is working on a project called GHOST, a supercavitation vehicle, which can be used in defense purpose.

A supercavitation vehicle works by forming gas bubbles which reduces friction and enables it to travel at a high speed.

4. Jetpack

To all those Gaming freaks, this concept is like a dream come true, right? Jetpack, who doesn’t want to own it? This exciting prospect seems to be gaining attention and being worked on real fast. Glenn Martin from New Zealand has been working on this concept for a while now, with definite results.

It can be soon presented in commercial market. With maximum speed of just over 70 kmph, one can fly with this for up to half an hour. Yes, this seems to be one from a sci-fi movie but its soon to be a reality.

3. Hyperloop

A concept by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, Hyperloop is one of the most promising mode of transport which is being worked on with positive results. Musk’s idea was to invent a transport system which can take you to Los Angeles from San Francisco in 35 minutes! I know people wouldn’t have believed in him when he told this concept initially, but now it is just steps away from being a reality.

Hyperloop has a maximum speed of 1200 kmph and works on renewable solar energy.

2. Skylon

The concept of Skylon is to travel at a speed which is five times the speed of sound. Skylon is proposed by the United Kingdom and being worked on to decrease the time compared to a normal air plane.

Skylon project was initially assigned $90 million, but it is expected to cost a huge more than that. This project can take you anywhere in the world within four hours.

Skylon is a hard target to achieve but scientists feel that it can be done in coming years.

1. Skytran

This seems to be the most interesting project, which can make travelling hassle-free and easier. As NASA is working on it, you know this mode is ought to be a reality very soon.

Working on magnetic levitation technology, it can travel at very high speed with less economic expenditure.

To add to the pros, this also reduces traffic problems and is environment-friendly. With all these factors, this one is surely the one for our future.


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