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10 Most Successful Models Of The 90’s

Beauty has always captured the eyes of people. Beauty speaks only the language of beauty that goes beyond barriers or borders. Society has always been more attracted to the outer beauty of a human being rather than how they personally might be by nature. So even though everyone around us is beautiful, only some get a chance to become the elite and actually make a place in the list of celebrities because of their uniqueness. Here are some of the most beautiful and successful models that ruled the fashion industry in the 90’s.

10.Kate Moss

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( Source: Esquire )

Kate Moss wasn’t the normal beauty the fashion industry was used to, she was different. High cheek bones, tall and defined body, she became the model for Calvin Klein. People weren’t sure of her but she changed the way the industry functioned. The beauty who hailed from London gave people a new outlook towards the different types of beauties.

9.Tyra Banks

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( Source: The New York Times )

The VH1 super model of the year 1997, deserved all the accolades that were garnered on her. She opened doors of opportunity for African American model. She appeared on covers of renowned magazine cover pages like GQ. Her fierce attitude became her signature and also a part of her style.

8.Helena Christensen

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( Source: Superette )

This beauty from Denmark, who also shared some Peruvian heritage captured the eyes of people with her bluish-green eyes. Tall and extraordinary, Helena was discovered for all the right reasons and we are glad that she was. Who wouldn’t get mesmerized looking into those eyes? She became one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and went on to succeed in life.

7.Tatjana Patitz

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( Source: Stringbasso Livejournal )

Gracing the legendary Vogue cover with 4 other top models was German beauty Tatjana Patitz. She was the ideal cover girl who appeared on covers of Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. With eyes that would leave every onlooker hooked to her, she was an example of successful models for young girls in the 90’s. She starred in the George Michael’s 90’s music video Freedom and still manages to captivate the viewers.

6.Milla Jovovich

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( Source: Aroma 30 Journal )

If you start appearing on magazine covers from the age of 12, well don’t even think about doubting yourself. This Ukrainian beauty became a part of the fashion industry at a fairly young age and since there has been no looking back for her. The face of brands like Escape and Loreal, she made the most out of her success and turned to acting. A beautiful lady who can act and make wise decisions, that’s Milla.

5.Linda Evangelista

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( Source: Pinterest )

When everyone was busy maintaining their long locks, Linda took to short hairs. In the 90’s she managed to standout and create a new image for women with short hair. She graced the cover of several magazines especially Vogue Italia several times. It was her declaration that models like her wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. That shows how successful these ladies were.

4.Claudia Schiffer

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( Source: Pinterest )

Tall and athletic, Claudia created some of the best fitness and workout videos. She became the first model to appear on the cover pages of elite magazines like Rolling Stones and New York Times. She became one of the highest paid and entered the list of the successful model after signing a contract with Revlon. All it took to discover her was a picture of her in Guess Jeans and since the rest is history.

3.Christy Turlington

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( Source: Amused Eye )

This brunette beauty was one of the top three most successful models of the 90’s. The face of brands like Calvin Klein and Maybelline Cosmetics, Christy was blessed with looks to die for. She was one of the most professional models and kept her already busy self more busy with brushing up her skills and talent. Well, when you are one of the top 6, you always have to maintain a certain standard, and Christy knew that.

2.Cindy Crawford

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( Source: The Loop )

A mole as a trademark, Cindy stood out as an all American model. A fit structure and brown locks that only added to her beauty. As per the stats of the year 1995, she was the highest paid model of her time and became well-known for her style. She was also the only host of MTV House of Styles for a fairly long time.

1.Naomi Campbell

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( Source: Visual Optimism )

When heritages and cultures unite, the product is always mesmerizing. Naomi is the perfect example. The Jamaican-Chinese beauty turned heads around ever since she was a teen. She was one of the most successful models of the 90’s and set a benchmark for other modeling aspirants. Exotic is the word that could best define her beauty and charm. It was tough to work and collaborate with her, but whoever could get a chance they definitely thought that all that struggle was worth it.


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