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10 Most Expensive Weddings of All Time

Celebrities get married and get divorced, it is a vicious cycle indeed. But what leaves the mark is their wedding- so here we raise our own toast to the most ridiculously expensive weddings of all time!


10) Wayne Rooney- Coleen McLoughlin ($7.7 million)

Fans went crazy when the famous Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney wed his childhood sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin. It was a lavish Italian affair and the party that followed was a masquerade ball.  In a lavish Italian ceremony which was followed by a masked ball. The lavish ceremony was split into two parts: the first part was held at a 330-year-old villa, while the second part was held at the Riviera resort of Santa Margherita Ligure. As if the $1.3 million pre-wedding shenanigans weren’t enough, the bride arrived in a yacht while all the other guests were escorted using private jets. Dang!

9) Sean Parker – Alexandra Lenas  ($10 million)

Two words collided into a matrimonial confluence with this extravagant wedding of Technology billionaire Sean Parker and singer Alexandra Lenas, and the end expenses were calculated to a whopping $10 million. It was a fantasy-themed wedding. Parker, the co-founder of Facebook (geek), held Game of Thrones-esque nuptials included turning the swanky Californian venue, Big Sur, into a fantasy wonderland that included ruins of battles and castles, a waterfall and a long medieval feast-style tables. Even the wedding guests had custom-made costumes, and the guests were- wait for it- actress Emma Watson, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, California power brokers Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris, MTV founder Bob Pittman, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and Jack Dorsey whose seat partner was Sting! Had to be expensive (or how else would they gulp down the 9ft cake)

8) Kim Kardashian- Kanye West ($12 Million)

The singer  Kanye West and the reality TV star Kim Kardashian enjoyed an extravagant wedding at the picturesque Italian venue that was perfect (why won’t it be, it costed them a whopping $410,000). Well, the venue wasn’t the only catchy and costly part as the KUWK star adorned a stunning Givenchy gown worth half a million dollars with matching heels worth 40,000 dollars!  Even the couple’s 11-month-old ever-stylish daughter North wore Givenchy – albeit a slightly more reasonably priced mini version of Kim’s gown, while her musician father sported a black tuxedo by the designer. The wedding had it all- hotels, private jets and a 7-ft tall cake (that part we do not mind!)

7) Andrey Melnichenko – Aleksandra Kokotovich ($40 million)

A basic white cake and a local wedding band were surely not enough for the matrimonial celebration of a Russian billionaire and a model turned pop-star, so when Andrey Melnichenko married Aleksandra Kokotovich on France’s Cote d’Azur, only international superstars such as Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston were invited, explaining the wild expenses of this wedding, and well, both were flown to France in their own private jets, not to mention that each of them charged a reported £2million each to perform. (Damn!)

6) Prince William – Kate Middleton ($45 million)

What would this list even mean if the royalty didn’t show up? The Prince of England married the beautiful Kate Middleton on 29 April 2011. It was held at the Westminster Abbey and was filled with splendor and class, the couple obviously had a blast – and love each other dearly. $32 million dollars were just spent on the security, but royalty can be terrorized on the most loving day, can’t they? The two receptions (yes, two) cost about $600,000, including $80,000 for two wedding cakes: a traditional white, butter cream or fruit cake, and a groom’s cake (for which Prince William reportedly requested a chocolate cookie cake, and yea man, TWO CAKES!). Though tears were shed, it wasn’t over the cost of the wedding, which was picked up by innocent British taxpayers.

5) Seemanto Roy- Richa And Sushanto Roy- Chandni  ($66 million)

With an estimated cost of $66 million, the double wedding of the Seemanto and Sushanto Roy, sons of the billionaire Indian industrialist Subrata Roy was definitely a penny-saver thinking how much he would’ve spent had the weddings were on different dates! Sushanto with Richa and Seemanto with Chandni got married in Lucknow in 2004, with a long list of celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Anil Ambani, and Mulayam Singh Yadav who acted as hosts and welcomed other wedding guests. The billionaire master mind didn’t stop at that as there were more than 110 cuisines to cater to the taste buds as also entertainment from around the world, not to mention that Roy indeed took a fantastic step on this occasion and got 101 under privileged girls married. Also, food was served to about 150,000 beggars. Indeed a mastermind play with the double wedding man!

4) Charles – Diana ($110 million)

If you are shocked at the more than 100 million figures, don’t be, as the bill was $48 million in 1981, or $110 million when adjusted for inflation.. Even if the marriage was held 3 decades before their son’s wedding, Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding was far, far more expensive, costing nearly three times as much. The wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral was attended by dozens of royals; two million spectators; and a global TV audience of 750 million. Diana wore a puff ball silhouette wedding dress with a 25-foot train of ivory taffeta and antique lace. The 27 wedding cakes and five-foot-tall main cake supposedly took 14 weeks to prepare, with a duplicate cake made in case of “accidents” (a bomb inside the cake maybe?). So much for keeping it chill.

3) Vanisha Mittal – Amit Bhatia ($123 million)

This was the marriage of Vanisha Mittal the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, CEO of ArcelorMittal, and the world’s largest steel-making company which explains the extravaganza of the entire ordeal. It was a seven-day celebration help in the country of love and passion. France. The guests were sent a 20-page long wedding invitation in a silver box, which also included their flight tickets to Paris, and their lodging details at the avant-garde InterContinental Paris – Le Grand. Starting with a ceremony in the Palace of Versailles (yep, just one tiny ceremony in a palace), it went on to the ending with fireworks over the Eiffel Tower, but only after a performance by Aussie songstress, Kylie Minogue and a small performance by Shah Rukh Khan, and to close your long, gaping mouth at the expenses, we will conclude by saying that Kylie Minogue and Shah Rukh Khan were paid 2,00,000 UK Pounds and 3,00,000 UK Pounds.

2) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum – Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum ($137 million)

Position for the second most expensive wedding ever goes to the United Arab Emirates’ Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum whose 1979 wedding to Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum cost a staggering $137 million – and that was nearly 35 years ago. The most incredible part was that a $20,000 seat stadium had to be built to host it. The celebration lasted for five days, and a holiday was declared for the duration to honor the event. A minute fact that Sheikha Hind is the most senior of his 40 wives, makes us wonder, how exactly did he spend on other weddings!!!

1) Said Gutseriev – Khadija Uzhakhova ($1.3 billion)

The lavish wedding of Said Gutseriev, 28, son of Russian oil tycoon Mikhael Gutseriev, whose marriage to Khadija Uzhakhova, 20, on March 26 2016, is rumored to have cost an eye-watering $1.3 billion, yes ‘billion’ while there you were gawking at the previous entry of just a 137-million-wedding. More than 600 guests were in attendance at the reception held at the luxurious Moscow banquet hall Safisa, of which various venue rooms were decked out in millions of dollars worth of flowers, while the entertainment was handled more than “well” as J Lo, Sting, and Enrique Iglesias performed at the wedding. The bride’s gown was an intricate haute couture piece by Ellie Saab, weighing 13 kgs and costing between $1 million USD or 25 million roubles – £692,000 or £256,000 and let’s not even delve into her diamond tiara, earrings and necklace, as well as the matching, seriously blinged-out handbag (really, why handbag?). This wedding indeed set a bar for extravagance, seeing how this amount of money can actually buy an entire life worth of amenities for a common middle- class man (are you dead yet?).

The end might’ve been unhealthy for your heart, but extravagance like this makes you wonder- would you ever have a wedding this extravagant if someone handed you a billion dollars for it? Because personally, we are happy to spend it on a fleet of BMWs, aren’t we? Or maybe the endless supply of fries!



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