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10 Most Expensive Cakes Till Now

Cakes are the scrumptious melody in our ears that resonate with celebration and the cake for any occasion- New Years’, birthdays, weddings or even bar mitzvahs, should be perfect. Sometimes people even go off the mile with cakes as they are ready to base an entire event around a cake, or a cake around an event, which can cause thousands of dollars at once, seeing the variety of themes each celebratory event can mould itself into. But can a cake be worth millions? Let’s find that out with our list of ten most expensive cakes of all time.

10) Princess Kate’s Royal Cake by Fiona Cairns – $78,000

(Image Source : ibttimes)

The Royal cake is surprisingly at the bottom of this list but has been serving as an inspiration for many wedding cakes like the one for Kim Kardashian’s wedding. It was indeed the “royal cake” of Prince William and Kate Middleton; from their ceremony in 2011. Fiona Cairns and her team of 50 bakers and designers worked diligently on the confection for five weeks, and tried to incorporate everything into the cake that Kate had desired. It was very personal to Kate Middleton as she had given a list of 17 different flowers and lace from her wedding dress and all of it was beautifully incorporated into this elegant cake. Everything was edible; including the ivy to symbolize love and marriage, bridal roses that promote happiness and adoration, as well as 900 floral pieces that were coded to represent different countries and distinct beliefs. It turned to be a beautiful masterpiece as it complemented her wedding dress beautifully, making it worth every penny of the 78,000 dollars it was worth.


9) An Advertisement for Platinum Cake by Nobue Ikara – $130,000

(Image Source : mydesignweek)

Conventionally, people make beautiful breath-taking videos of supermodels playing around casually with diamonds and platinum decorating them as advertisements but Nobue Ikara decided to make it tiny bit more pricey by simply making a cake adorned with platinum and precious stones (sorry models, cake trumps you), and it very evidently cost them more as the cake was for a whopping $130,000. In order to urge the women, this cake showcased by Platinum Guild International, a company that at the time was encouraging more and more people to buy platinum jewelry. Edible platinum flakes boosted the price of this cake that’s covered in plain white frosting and fondant, and fine necklaces and pendants brought an additional dose of elegant class to this luxurious (mostly) edible creation. To provide the twist to the entire plot we will just let you take a deep breath as this expensive cake was a creation of a chef and not a jeweler as Ikara is just a pastry chef who wanted to make an expensive cake.

8) Diamond Chocolate Cake by Masami Miyamoto- $850,000

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The eighth most expensive cake ever sold was a gifted creation of the famous pastry chef Masami Miyamoto Diamond Chocolate Cake which cost $850,000 to make. In short, we will let you chew over the fact this number 8 entry is worth almost a million dollars (still 7 entries to go people). It was decorated by jeweler Sa- Birth who added the foundation of the price of this cake, diamonds, to go along the chocolate. It was placed in a store window to attract customers to the store. The chocolate cake, whose diamonds weigh a combined 50 carats, was on display at the Takashimaya department store in the western city of Osaka. It did attract many customers, but the sad part about the cake is that no one ever bought it (because diamonds should be worn people, not eaten!).

7) Luster Dust Cake- $1.3 Million

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The Luster Dust Cake, designed for the Dallas Bridal Fair in 2010, was a fruit of partnership of a Dallas bakery, Delicious Cakes, and the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange. It was decorated in silver “luster” dust icing and 1,200 carats of diamonds and was worth a whopping 1.3 million dollars. This foam-inserted cake had to be on 24-hour watch, as it was placed inside an armored car in order for it to be delivered to the bridal fair, and well, the price did make it steal-worthy. It weighs about 160 pounds and serves about 320 people at a less-than-economical price of $3,125 per slice, but ironically, unlike the other cakes featured in this list, this one isn’t actually edible, but it is still considered a cake, hence the pricey per cake slice mates.

6) Africa Cake – $5 million

(Image Source:

The Africa Cake was a creation designed by a jewelry store owner in Tokyo, and as its name suggests, it was indeed shaped as Africa. But of course, that didn’t make it worth five million as it was studded with 2,000 (yes, two frickin thousand, that ring with just three in it seems stupid now doesn’t it?) diamonds. The diamonds were placed strategically particularly around the southern tip and the perimeter of the cake as these were the hotspots of diamond mines in Africa. Not many evidences about the cake have been in the news headlines but the picture of it on the internet is said to be evidence enough. It seems like the current trend on the market to increase the worth of any thing is to slap on diamonds on to it even if it compromises the mere functionality of the object, doesn’t it?

5) Luxury Bridal Show Cake by Nahid Parsa- $20 Million

(Image Source:

Yes, the cake is priced at 20 million dollars! It is indeed a piece of art created by Nahid Parsa designed for the ever extravagant Priced the Luxury Bridal Show in Beverly Hills, which gets more lavish by the year, without disappointing. But 2006 was their top year as this beauty enhanced the grandeur of it with the beautiful garnishing of gold flakes and many, many diamonds throughout the entire pastry. Just like we mentioned above, another desert made with real diamonds. Its salability is still under doubts as no news about it ever reached the media.

4) Devorah Rose’s Diamond Gala Cake- $30 Million

(Image Source:

Keeping in line with her title of the editor-in-chief of the Social Life Magazine, Devorah Rose got this cake made for one of her many expensive parties for a whopping price of 30 million dollars. The record $30 million cake was created on the finale of TLC – Cake Boss, a reality series which is set at Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey and airs on cable television network TLC. The show focuses on Buddy Valastro and his family as they operate the baking business and Buddy didn’t disappoint the Socialite’s dream of having the most expensive cake for her gala. Buddy and his team had to use 30 million worth of jewels that included emeralds, rubies, sapphires and of course some flawless diamonds. The New York Observer puts Devorah as one of the top 50 Media power bachelorettes of all time, and certainly woman, if you can eat a cake worth 30 million, who knows what your wedding cake would be like!

3) Pirate’s Fantasy Cake by Dimuthu Kumarasinghe – $35 Million

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This cake broke the record of the most expensive cake in 2012 and ironically, it is on the third place now. Priced at $35 million, it was a pirate themed cake made by Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe. It represents a pirate’s ship with the rare part known as the “booty” that is adorned with the rarest and most sparkling stones from the Sapphire family. If this isn’t enough, the cake has also been draped with beautiful jewelry, including necklaces, rings and brooches. It has both edible and non edible parts, the latter being the said booty, while the edible parts consist of 10 layers and every one was a different flavor including zucchini, pumpkin and coconut meringue, different flavors of chocolate, and lemon, among others. The cake was unveiled recently at Heritance Ahungalla, a luxury beach hotel in Sri Lanka. A $35 million cake is definitely a pirate’s fantasy indeed!

2) The National Gay Wedding Show’s Cake- $52 Million

(Image Source:

This cake broke the pirate cake’s record of bring the most expensive cake in just a year. This fifty two million dollar cake – YES, 52- was made by a bakery called Cake for the National Gay Wedding Show in Liverpool in 2013. It had eight layers stacked beautifully to form the five feet tall profile. What made it worth this amount is the fact that it had over 4,000 diamonds included in the cake.

1) Debbie Wingham’s Runway Cake – $75 Million

(Image Source: homecrux)

Yes, at $75 million, the most expensive cake in the world costs more than your home and your car combined. A proud, loving father in the UAE demanded the record-breaking cake encrusted with 4000 diamonds for his daughter’s birthday and engagement party. The majority of the cost came in when an abundance of gemstones were added, including $45 million worth of multi-colored diamonds. The lucky creator of this cake was Debbie Wingham, and she made the cake in the form of a runway where the confectionary guests are dressed in the haute couture styles (edible) of the designs by Debbie herself, who is a former fashion designer. . It weighs in at 450kg. More than 180kg of that is icing and modeling chocolate. Wingham spent some 1100 hours crafting it. Runway is made up of 400 one-carat white diamonds, 73 three-carat white diamonds and 73 three-carat black diamonds while the icing consists of one 5.2 carat pink diamond, one 6.4 carat yellow diamond and 15 five-carat white diamonds. What we don’t get is WHY &% MILLION SOMETHING THAT IS GONNA BE EATEN BY A BUNCH OF TEENAGERS. To answer that question, Debbi claimed that apart from the diamonds, it’s all edible – even the tiny iPads.

You saw them all, from a mere thousand to a whopping 75 million dollars worth dessert. No matter what the object is, the trend of slapping jewelry items and precious stones just to increase their functionality seems like a ridiculous idea- what if someone actually swallows the diamond and there are causalities in this weird quest to make the most expensive cake. And hell, why even invest in it- when it’s all going to meet the same fate in our tummies (and out of it too)? But we are sure this trend will keep on and in no time we will be back with a similar list with the cheapest entry being 75 dollars.


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