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10 Hilarious Schemes North Korea Used To Scare Other Countries

Kim Jong-un has left no stone unturned when it comes to threatening people across his own country or the world. The ‘Supreme Leader’ as addressed by his country men cannot handle anything that sounds slightly offensive to him. When you hold power to some of the most powerful nukes and military in the world, it gets easier to manipulate people. Let’s find out some of the hilarious threats made by the not so Supreme Leader.

10. Controversial Pies

Choco Pie by AmbahNz
( Source: Deviant Art )

Chocopies are famous across the world, the producing companies may vary but the taste and texture still remain a sinful combination. Chocopies were given to employees who performed well during their day in a South Korean company’s factory situated in North Korea. Since they were so rarely available, the demand for them significantly increased and people started selling them in black. Soon, it became an unofficial currency, this didn’t go down well with the ‘Supreme Leader’. The factories were then asked to stop giving the pies as perks. The South Korean activists came together and released 50 balloons that were filled with around 10,000 Chocopies. The pie perpetrators soon became North Korea’s target, they were threatened by Pyongyang. All those who were involved would face launch sites. That’s a controversial pie for sure.

9. FAX Only

Image result for Fax
( Source: Solid Signal Blog )

We live in the 21st Century, so the mode of communication should be the best and most updated technology, right? Well, that’s not the case for North and South Korea. The mode of communication between the two countries is FAX. Yes, that’s the only mode of communication they have been using, no Internet or telephones. In 2013, a FAX was sent to threaten South Korea about the anti-Pyongyang rallies that took place in Seoul. South Korea dealt with the matter and promised on taking serious actions in case a strike took place.

8. Ban ‘Fatty’

Image result for kim jong un
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Kim Jong Un is a simple man, all you have to do is say something for him and a war will begin. He does not need too many reasons to launch nukes. In March 2017, Senator John McCain addressed Kim Jong Un as a ‘crazy fat kid’, in an interview with MSNBC. The comment was enough to spark a fire to make Kim talk about the war. After the statements by the senator, the North Korean news media agency released a report that said Mc Cain had hurt the dignity of their Supreme Leader. At the end, they gave a warning as to how they are working on a secret mission and will bring it in action if someone tries hurting his dignity in future. His weight is such a touchy subject that the Chinese Government was asked to ban people on social media using the word ‘fatty’ for Kim Jong-un.

7. The Interview

Image result for the interview kim jong un
( Source: Business Insider )

Creating a movie on Kim Jong Un requires a lot of guts. Though getting it released requires a lot of power, which probably isn’t possessed by many. The Interview movie was considered to be offensive as per the North Korean Government so the makers decided to edit a few scenes. The editing didn’t seem to change the mind of the ‘Supreme Leader’ and thus the film was stopped from officially releasing. It didn’t affect the makers in any way though, the movie was released online instead of theatres and became the highest grossing movie to be released on the internet.

6. Lets Nuke The White House

Image result for nuke the white house
( Source: The Sun )

Barack Obama maintained a balance between a lot of activities but one thing that was out of his control was North Korea. So, when Trump was taking up his position, he warned him about the antics of Kim Jong Un. He has talked about bringing down the White House to ashes. North Korea finds most things, offensive so when they saw movements of US Navy Warships, they saw this as an all-out-war preparation. So, in a 2000 word report by the KCNA media agency, they asked trump to stop these movements or else the nuclear bombing of the White House was a possible action in future. Though it’s not completely possible for this nuclear attack to take place, North Korea can definitely try launching nukes to Japan, parts of China and Russia and etc.

5. Loud Speaker Ruckus

Image result for biggest loud speakers used by south korea
( Source: Mirror )

Everyone loves trolling North Korea, so do their neighbors. For years, the South Korean military has been blasting K-pop songs and a mix of world news on dozens of huge loud speakers. This is done to intimidate the soldiers that live in such an isolated place. Things took an ugly turn when these loud speakers started blaring anti-North Korean psychological warfare. After this, there were threats to blow up the loud speakers. The action was started by South Korea after they lost 2 soldiers because of denied landmine planting by North Korea. North Korea being North Korea thought of any insults thrown towards Kim Jong-un as a declaration of war. North Korea was asked to wake up and stop being delusional by South Korean President which they took no heed to. South Korea then again blasted loudspeakers to spread the news of Kim Jong Nam’s murder.

4. Fear Propaganda

Related image
( Source: National Interest )

If you have to control a huge population of people, you need to keep them terrified. One of the many ways North Korea does this is by through posters and videos. Many of these posters do the work of depicting Kim Jong-un as the only hero in this big bad world and USA is shown as the evil. In 2013, when they had to again test their nuclear weapons, they released a 3 and a half minute video. A man is seen dreaming about a place like New York with it sky scrapers on fire. Uriminzokkiri, that is North Korea’s official propaganda agency posted this video with Korean captions. The wish to show the USA as a bad impact didn’t work too long as the video was soon taken down by youtube because they used the scenes from famous video game ‘Call of Duty’.

3. Lets Nuke Australia

Image result for nuclear bomb in australia
( Source: Australia For Everyone )

Talking about bombing places, and sending nuclear missiles, sounds like North Korea. They took their threats to another level when they talked about nuking Australia. An entire continent, well that may sound a bit absurd but with North Korea the possibilities are unknown. The distance between Australia and North Korea is shorter than that between North Korea and The USA. Although the North Koreans haven’t had the chance to test such nuclear weapon so the chances remain unknown.

2. Bait Game

Related image
( Source: The Pepper Journal )

The USA cannot play smart with the North Korea. The country gives them no chance to nuke the isolated state first. North Korea has agency across borders that will immediately snatch diplomats and tourists from across the world. There are groups called ‘Snatch Squads’, they will be unleashed on the world and will then destruct places and kidnap people from around the world as well as those who possess a lot of power. That’s definitely an extremely smart game.

1. Don’t Kiss and Tell

Image result for Kim Jong Un's Sushi chef
( Source: NK News )

Kenji Fujimoto was the Kim Jong Un’s deceased father’s sushi chef. Well, a personal sushi chef, not that big of a deal. Kenji was threatened by the people so often that he felt as if he was facing nearing death every single day. So on finding the right opportunity, he left the confined country and managed to successfully escape. He has since written few books depicting the life in North Korea. He has also revealed, how he was asked to kiss and on being hesitant was shown by actions that he would be stabbed with a knife if he fought against his master.

What we have gathered from this vast information is that, a word against the ‘Supreme Leader’ or North Korea, and our life is already endangered.



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