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10 harsh life-lessons college taught us all

In the midst of running away from incomplete assignments, incessant cribbing about most of the things and covering up for attendance, it would be unjust to accept how much our college lives have taught us. Lessons, we can never forget and that help us all grow into better people.

10. Judgement is for the judge

Oh my god, look at how that girl dresses up! What, Anna kissed Alex? I hate how she talks! I hate how he is so bossy!? Damn, Mary is such a whore.
Haven’t we all been through all of this at least at a stage? College, however, is the place you are in the middle of at least a thousand people and over time, you accept people how they are. You realise you are nobody to judge anyone until you haven’t walked in their shoes. You learn perspective, you become a better person.

9. Managing Finances

There have been more memes about how broke a college kid always is more than any other thing on the Internet, and let’s face how true and relatable they are. But would you have ever understood the importance and value of money, the importance of saving up for the Thunder, of learning to not waste money like its water and instead allocate it correctly? We bet, nope.

8. Appreciation

It is only when you do not have something that you learnt how important the tiniest of things could be. Remember that day when you slept eating a fruit or just a sandwich because you couldn’t afford anything else or you were just too lazy to get up and cook yourself? Remember that was also the day you most missed the meals your mum used to cook? University has taught us to appreciate the smallest of things that always existed but we were too busy to express gratitude for.

7. It is okay to ask for help

Contrary to what you had always thought, you learn that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. Reaching out means you know how to find the support you need – being gregarious humans that we are- without knocking yourself out. That’s a skill and trait that will get you through your life, professionally or personally, wherever you go.

6. Dealing with heartbreaks

College is where the true-love-exists fantasy breaks open right in the middle of a very shiny day, turning your life upside down. It could be as big as falling apart of a serious, long term relationship or just realising that your crush doesn’t reciprocate for you. Whatever the case, college shows us the harsh reality and forces us to get out of the fairytale we hoped life would be. All for the greater good, always.

5. Balancing

You know you need to finish your assignments but you also know you want to really go out for a social drinking night. What do you do? You cut down on your sleep, finish the assignment and reach just in time for the drinking. You realise how trashy could things get if you do not balance things; you learn how to be there for your best friend as well as for your boyfriend. You may trip here and there but majorly, you learn to strike the balance just right.

4. To trust the process of letting go

You would meet types of people. There will be blessings and there would as well be bitter memories. There would be a lot of rainbows one day and a lot of dark clouds just the next. People will treat you wrong, hurt you, lie to you, cheat you and even try to pull you down. In the end, though, you learn who is worth the pain and who isn’t. You learn the importance of letting go, you learn to heal yourself and you learn to guard yourself against all the negativity; saving yourself up only for those who deserve your awesomeness. You learn which people and what things really matter.

3. Let go of regrets

There will definitely be a day when you wake up regretting the guy you kissed at the party last night. You might as well crib about it for a week. We all have been there, done that. But eventually, haven’t we all permitted ourselves to get over it and accept it and release all the regrets we ever had, realising holding on will just hurt us more?

2. Independence

As school kids, we all have been socially awkward and have felt the need to be accepted. College, though, is where we accept ourselves and help ourselves all the way up. The same school kid becomes the person who doesn’t shy away eating a meal alone or watching a movie all by themselves.

1. To go beyond the books

College teaches you to stand up for yourself and look beyond the academics. Nobody will ever serve you anything decorated in silverware, you have to fight for what you want, and it is the little experiences over the years that teach just that. It’s never just the books, it’s never just a perfect nine point something CGPA, college is your reality check and what builds you as a human being.


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