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10 Habits That Will Make You SUCCESSFUL In Life

Have you ever missed a project submission date and wondered what’s wrong with you? Or how often do you catch yourself thinking you deserve the promotion your colleague got but still you are stuck in your position? In today’s world, we all are striving to attend more success, thriving to achieve greater things in life, yet some of us struggle with mundane daily routine and fail to acquire habits that every successful person should possess. So here’s a list of ten easy habits that you can include in your daily routine that will surely help you to attain every success that you aspire to achieve.

10.Get Rid Of All The Sources Of Negativity:

Negativity is the sole enemy of every person aspiring success. Whether it is coming from other people or from your own mind, you don’t need to put up with it. So if you want to be successful, your very first step should be to identify the source of negativity in your life. If you have surrounded yourself with people who cause a negative environment, ask yourself, do you really need them? Famous YouTuber Lilly Singh in her self-help book “HOW TO BE A BAWSE” says, “if you can’t control people, then control your reaction to them.” But if you catch your own mind, being negative and cynical, follow the further steps to get rid of that.

9. Take Control Of Your Life:

To take control of your life is equal to take control of your own self. Most often we tend to forget that we have the control over us and allow ourselves to spend an extra hour watching t.v or YouTube videos except working on that project that is due next week. So exercising self-control is essential if you want to attain success. Follow these simple steps to gain self-control. First, set an aim or goal for yourself. Work hard to achieve it and when you do, reward yourself with an activity you love to do. Setting deadlines helps to exercise self-control as well as makes you updated in your own game. Now if you are someone who struggles with to-do lists and fails to attend all of the tasks in it, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Yes, let’s face it, you procrastinate and over stress about the works you have to do. Now the good news is our next step will tell you how to get rid of that  procrastination once and for all.

8. Do Not Overthink:

Overthinking leads to procrastination. Here’s how; Often we are so deeply stressed about some work we have to do that we tend to delay it as much as possible. We procrastinate and spend our valuable time in useless activity cause it allows our brain not to deal with the stress of the work. So instead of stressing about the work, begin it with ease. Own your actions and learn to identify when your mind is starting to stress about the work. Believe that you are capable of finishing it for you’ll only be able to do it when you have self-belief.

7. Self-love and Take Care Of Your Body:

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Growing up watching endless romantic comedies, reading romantic novels and associating our lives with mushy love songs, we tend to think that love is supposed to appear with another person. We forget to love the most important person that we are supposed to love i.e. our own selves. So here’s a tip, before you start to love somebody else or aim for success, have self-love. Invest time to take care of your own body and mind. Meditate, exercise and eat healthy food. To enrich your mind, read books or “schedule inspiration” as Lilly Singh advises. A research shows that when you take care of your own body and mind, you function better, thus reaching closer to success. Waking up early is also a great way to lead a healthy life. Fresh mornings rejuvenate your soul. So wake up early and let the freshness of a new day motivate you towards your goal for the day.

6. Do Not Settle for Mediocrity:

So now that you are taking proper care of yourself, scheduling inspiration for your mind, believe that you are ready to take the next step. We all have heard the good old saying that life is not a bed of roses, yet our brain has the tendency to oversimplify a situation and stay in our comfort zone. We generally avoid any situation that makes us uncomfortable overlooking the fact that only they have the power to challenge us with something new. So challenge yourself with every new possibility you can and have faith in your ability. As Lilly Singh says “make every struggle count and remember that experience will always be a silver lining”.

5. Have Gratitude And Surround Yourself With Positivity:

Robert Holden says ” The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become”. Being grateful helps to reassure your mind that you have enough positive resources to be successful. In fact, here’s a simple method you can try to start your day with which will certainly fill your mind with positivity from the beginning of the day. Famous author and Youtuber Mimi Ikonn and Alex Ikonn have introduced this method as “the five-minute journal” where you spend five minutes after you have woken up every day, noting down in a journal three things you are grateful for, what would make today a great day and daily affirmations that you need to believe about yourself. Similarly, at night, you spend five minutes writing about three amazing things that happened in your day and how could you have made today better. Practising these positive affirmations every day will surely build your self-confidence so strong that you will be able to conquer every obstacle that you may encounter.

4. Prioritise Your Activity List:

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No matter how active you are, you can still have trouble managing your to-do list and end up not attending something important. So it’s better to prioritise your works according to their importance to not miss anything urgent and important. To help you evaluate the worth of your tasks, follow these simple steps. While writing your to-do list, ask yourself which work is urgent as well as important. If you find one, do not delay and attend it first. Or if you find your work to be important and not urgent, you take the time to plan for it first and do it later. Also, learn to say ‘no’ to works unworthy of your time and energy. Simplifying your work list will only make you more efficient and valuable for the organisation you are working for.

3. Cleanliness Is Important:

Cleanliness is essential, be it your mail inbox or your desk, or any space where you work. So whenever you finish working, make sure to sort out the space you have worked on. If you are leaving home in the morning, clean the workspace before leaving. Thus, when you come back, you don’t have to deal with the mess before you resume your work. Also, we tend to get really lazy when it comes to sorting out our emails which lead to a greater chaos of differentiating emails according to their importance. So take a time out in a day and be thorough with your inbox. if it’s important, do not forget to save it, if not put it in the trash right away. Now that your organising skills are on fleek, are you ready to know the last two steps that will take you to your success?

2. Create a Vision Board: 

Imagine, you are on a road-trip and you suddenly remember you have forgotten the name of the place you are supposed to reach, also you don’t have a map with you. Well, that never happens, right? Who forgets a road map in a road-trip? Speaking of which do you a have a road map of your desired destination? If not, what are you waiting for? Allow your mind to explore all the aspects of your life and weave a vision board. A vision board does not need to be too artistic or classy. Just take up a cardboard or a chalkboard and attach pictures and captions of all the things you want from your life. Creating a vision board will help you to remember your goals, thus keep you motivated. So cut out a couple of pictures that incorporate with your vision, attach them on a board and hang it on a place where you will be able to see it regularly. Now you’ll never drift away from your goals as you have them right in front of your eyes.

1. Carpe Diem; Seize The Day:

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The final and the ultimate step of every person aspiring success should be to make the most of today. Every new day can be a new start of a better life, of a life where you validate your own existence and thrive to make your life prosperous, peaceful and happy. Do the things you love and learn to love the things you do. Commit to your goals and know when to keep your emotions in check. “Have fewer emotions” while you work and you’d be amazed to see the end results. But most importantly work to bring happiness, just as Lilly Singh says “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life”.



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