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10 Gruesome Things Hidden Under The Streets Of London

London is a beautiful city, nobody can deny that. The place has around 31.5 million visits by tourists each year. But there’s always more to a place than what meets the eye. Recent findings revealed some gruesome secrets buried under the beautiful streets of London. Here goes the list.

10. A Super-Evolved Mosquito In The Underground

(Source: BBC)

Above the ground, London mosquitoes are quite normal, like those of any other city. They trouble and feed on birds, are almost dead in winters and require a large space of reproducing. But this mosquito of genus Culex evolved under typical conditions. These mosquitoes first surfaced after the World War II. This species of mosquitoes does not need to hibernate in winters and feeds only on human blood. They can even reproduce in confined proximity which is why they haven’t gone extinct, despite living under ground. The next time you visit London, enjoy the company of the most badass mosquitoes, while you’re in the tube.

9. Burial Pits Filled With Plague Victims

(Source: Vice)

In the 17h century, around 15% of London’s population was hit by the bubonic plague. The victims endured painful pus filled wounds. Cures for the plague weren’t quite developed yet and most of the patients died. The graveyards were full but thousands of victims had to be buried somewhere. Makeshift graves were dug out through the entire city so that the patients may rest in peace. Every time a building project requires digging, the diseased past of the city reveals itself, once again.

8. The Ghost Of An Egyptian God

(Source: The Telegraph)

A lot of people believe that London Underground’s abandoned British Museum stop has been haunted by the ghost of Egyptian god Amun-Ra since the 1930s. There were rumors that there is a secret tunnel between the Holborn station and the museum’s Egyptian Room which made it all the more spooky. Furthermore, there’s a case of the disappearance of two women from that very station. The incident happened in 1925 and nobody has a rational explanation, even today. Whether it’s true or not, we wouldn’t want to venture underground in London after dark.

7. A 10-Ton Mountain Of Fat

(Source: Listverse)

In the sewer system of Chelsea area, a gross, 10-ton gross deposit was found which looked like human fat. It was called the “fatberg.” A possible cause was the restaurants in that area which flooded oils into the sewer system. It also had a lot of wet wipes. The fat monster kept collecting more and more waste with itself until it came into notice when the sewer pipe broke. It cost the local council a huge sum of £400,000 to remove it and repair the broken sewer.

6. Countless Bodies From Gangster Murders

(Source: John Clare)

The Epping Forest of London is quite dense and towards the end of the city, which made it quite preferable for the gangsters of East London. They’d make people ‘disappear’ into the Epping forest. Well, they’re gangsters, it’s kind of their job. We don’t judge. But the Epping area was impenetrable for the police. No one knows nearly how many bodies are buried in the forest but new corpses are discovered at an alarming rate. It is still a common site for dog walkers and joggers. Little do they realize that they are basically walking over a graveyard.

5. Graffiti Written By Medieval Torture Victims

(Source: Vice)

The Tower of London was built in the 11th century to hold prisoners. Its dungeons were specially equipped with sadistic devices and masters who tortured the prisoners. The tortures were so gruesome that they would drive the prisoners into scratching graffiti into the walls. One of the techniques was being tied to ‘The Rack’ where a person’s limbs were tied and they could hear their cartilage and bones stretching painfully. There still are things like “The day of death is better than the day of birth” scratched into the walls that are a mark of the brutality that existed under those streets.

4. Nazi Weapons From World War II

(Source: The Telegraph)

In 1976, a Nazi dagger, engraved with “Alles Fur Deutschland,” was discovered in the River Thames. It was a frightening reminder of what had happened to the city during Wolrd War II. London had to be rebuilt from nothing when entire Europe was engulfed by war. Some think that an English soldier might have brought it back and later threw it into the river. While some believe that there could be many more Nazi weapons buried in the heart of London.

3. Giant Poop Cannons

(Source: Dreamtime Traveller)

The title is about as sophisticated as it gets. Apart from The Great London Fire, there was another incident that brought London to a standstill. This was The Great Stink of 1858. The Thames turned into a foul smelling sewage canal and the sun literally basked the feces. After this, the new sewage system was developed which was above all the human waste that caused the stink and just below the ground level. The solution to the waste was the use of giant air propellers that would shoot the waste into the new systems.

2. A US Cargo Ship Full Of Explosives

(Source: Wikipedia)

If you follow the Thames towards the estuary, you will find three masts floating, just where the river meets the sea. It is the wreck of a US cargo ship SS Richard Montgomery which ran aground due to bad weather in 1944. It came from the US to assist with war and carried a huge amount of explosives, 1,440 tons to be precise. There is no certainty of when it will explode, but it is sure to happen. And when that happens a huge tidal wave will rise and the nearby town of Sheerness will be destroyed. However they embrace it, the entrance sign says ” Welcome to Sheerness, you will have a blast.”

1. Bloodsucking Lampreys

(Source: Daily Mail)

London is still quite polluted but in the 1960s the pollution level was so high that many water species were declared extinct. One of these species was the Lampreys which was in existence even at the time of dinosaurs. In 2009, a 13-year-old boy found a dead Lampreys. These ugly blood suckers die once they have spawned which guarantees that there are more of these ghastly creatures lurking in the waters of London.


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