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10 Angry moments between Directors and Actors

Brilliant movies are the results of exceptional bonding between the people who are in front of the camera and people who are behind it. Directors are pivotal to a film, so are the actors. During immense work pressure and exhausting shooting schedules, sometimes they are bound to lose temper. This gives the media a field day as it remains in headlines for days and months. Here are some instances when Directors and Actors lost their cool.

10. Michael Bay/Megan Fox


Working on the movie Transformers, Megan Fox did not have a good time at all. At least this is what she claimed.

Fox said that Michael Bay was a “nightmare to work for”, which got her fired from the Transformers franchise. Even producer Steven Spielberg was not happy with her behavior. She never appeared again in Transformers movie. However Bay and Fox resolved the issues and later collaborated for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

9. Adrian Lyne/Kim Basinger


On the sets of the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, all was not going good. The reason being the director constantly picking up on actress Kim Basinger. He abused her verbally, mocked her, isolated her from the rest of the crew, just for the sake of getting her into the character’s set of mind. This did not go as it was planned as it traumatized Kim, which affected her personal life as well. It is said that her marriage with Ron Britton broke because of the mental harassment she faced on the sets.

8. Tony Kaye/Edward Norton


This story did not begin on the set. Rather it began when Norton was given the lead role in the movie American History X. It is believed that Kaye never wanted Norton to play the part. Although he began working on the film, but he was constantly disgusted by Norton’s interference in the creative aspect of the film. Kaye never showed up with his cut of the film and the studio had to release its own cut in the end. Kaye wanted to remove his name from the film but could not.

7.  David O. Russell/George Clooney


One of the most aggressive fights in the Hollywood streets, Clooney regard this incident as one of the worst experience of his life.

It all started on the sets of Three Kings. Russell is said to have a go at Clooney verbally as well as physically.  It is said that David once headbutted Clooney. In response, Clooney put Russell into a headlock. Clooney was devastated with the experience, while Russell does not recall this experience, claiming that Clooney was a liar.

6. Roman Polanski/Faye Dunaway


When an actress throws a cup of pee at the director, you got to know things are not going according to the script. On the sets of Chinatown, Polanski and Dunaway did not like each other that much, which was visible when she threw a cup of pee at him. Polanski constantly screamed at her and did not even give her a bathroom break between the shoot. Dunaway was so frustrated that she vowed to never cross paths with him.

5. Alfred Hitchcock/Tippi Hedren


The master of Suspense was least likely to appear on this list, but considering the fact that all great directors have sometimes lost their cool, this is not very surprising. This time it was not just a moment but a myriad of pressurizing and harassment. Tippi claimed that Hitchcock had hit on her and she turned him down. But this did not end here. Hitchcock terrorized Hedren on the sets of The Birds and kept control of her career through a contract.

She also mentioned that Hitchcock stalked her, which showed us the dark side of the Master of Dark Mysteries.

4. David Fincher/Jake Gyllenhaal


When it comes to control over each aspect of the film, David Fincher excels at it. David Fincher is said to take a myriad of takes before finalizing one. The number of takes increases as the irritation of actor enhances. This theory did not go well with youngster, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Fincher constantly insulted Jake and also deleted multiple takes of his work. After this Fincher asked him to act the scene out again. This rigorous schedule was exhausting for Gyllenhaal, while his co-star Robert Downey Jr. protested by keeping jars of pee everywhere on the sets.

3. Ridley Scott/Harrison Ford


Although this was about creativity and art, but still counts as feud between director and actor. Ford and Scott were not on the same terms about playing the character in Blade Runner. Ford wanted it to play it according to his desires, while Scott was adamant that Ford should follow his orders.

This led to constant arguments on the set. Things escalated when Ford went to the studios for the deleted scenes.

2. Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski


This has to be the most interesting feud of all time. Werner Herzog actually made a documentary about the strained relationship between Kinski and him. Their fights were constant and never ending. The irony is that the documentary was named My Best Friend.

There were times when Herzog and Kinski threatened to kill each other. Once, Herzog pulled out a gun to shoot Kinski, threatening that he would kill him(Kinski) and then shoot himself. Kinski told that he has his own plans to kill him(Herzog). Definitely a worthy subject for a documentary!

1. Stanley Kubrick/Shelley Duvall


When a director demands perfection in a shot, and to attain it he takes almost 150 takes, then there has to be cases of differences.

Kubrick was known for his perfection and rigidness in terms of working. He never tolerated any sort of leniency at work. Shelley Duvall had to face his wrath on the sets of The Shining. We know how terrifying the movie really was, but if we ask Duvall about it, she’ll cry real tears of horrifying shooting days. Kubrick told crew members not to show any kind of sympathy to Duvall. She was so terrified that her hair started falling off. This has to be the paramount of strained relationship between actor and director. And Kubrick wins this list as well!


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