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10 Ancient Egypt Facts Unveiled

Egypt is magical and mystical. It’s Pyramids and the river Nile conveys many untold stories. Buried deep within the land of Egypt are secrets that are slowly and steadily getting out of the coffins. Pharaohs who ruled for years and beautiful Queens who stood always by their side. Priests who created a pathway between the almighty and the people. Egyptian’s were known for all things good and mysterious. It’s been said time and again, that Egyptians were way ahead of time in many aspects. Let’s debunk some common theories that people have had throughout the years,

10. Medicinal Knowledge

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The Egyptians were clever folk who were way ahead of time in many walks of life. Their knowledge of medicine made them so famous that they were famous across various empires. Egyptian Physicians were approached by these empires to cure various illnesses. Even though they had ample amount of knowledge about herbs and plants they still relied on magic. Spells and magic were used to cure severe illnesses by them.

9. The Constructors of Pyramids

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The myth has been long busted, the labors used for building Pyramids were not slaves. People from poor families were picked up for the job of building Pyramids. Approximately 20-30000 laborers worked for 20 years to construct Pyramids. Each of these labors was handsomely paid and highly respected. In situations when the labors would die, they were buried close to the sacred Pyramids. So, it wasn’t Israelis who worked on the building of Pyramids but Egyptians themselves.

8. Heb-Sed

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Egyptians believed in real power and strength. Pharaohs had to prove their worth too, in order to keep their positions strong. After 30 years they had to take part in Heb-Sed. Heb-Seb required the Pharaohs to run in short white clothes with the tail of a bull tied to their backs. They had to run in a race track sort of formation, as fast as they could. This ritual took place every 3 years until the Pharoah breathed his last breath. In a situation when the Pharaoh was deemed unfit, a new successor replaced them and they were sacrificed.

7. Shape- Shifting Jesus

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The death of Christ has many theories and stories linked to it. In the 19th century when a text of the ancient Egyptian era was deciphered, new twists and turns were found. As per the text, Jesus was a shape shifter. He was capable of taking any form be it white or red, old or young. The text also states that as per what many believe, Jesus did not actually have his last meal with his 12 disciples. He was accompanied by Pontius Pilate for his last meal and the man was willing to sacrifice his son in order to save Jesus.

6. The Female Pharoah

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A woman ruling as a Pharaoh and maintaining peace & prosperity throughout the kingdom. Only Hatshepsut was capable of such a noble and brave act. The only woman Pharaoh to ever live and then be wiped out of the history, her story was discovered in the 19th century. She was a woman who looked into matters effectively leading to construction projects and cultivation. After 20 years of her demise, her successors began a campaign which was focused on erasing all proofs of her existence. Her statutes, wall carvings and etc. were destroyed so no one could know about her.

5. Limestone Plated Pyramids

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Everything that we see today from the ancient era looked different from how it does today. The beautiful massive Pyramids are enchanting and mysterious to the people today. What many of us don’t know is that these Pyramids were once completely white. These Pyramids were plated in white limestone but a massive earthquake led to the loosening of these plates. It was then decided to make good use of these limestones. Mosques in Cairo were then built with intricate detailings from the same limestones in 1301 CE.

4. Biblical Plagues

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The Scientists have finally found out that the Biblical Plague was a result of erupting volcanoes and Global Warming. The eruption of volcanoes threw ash as far as Egypt; this darkened the sky. A bacterial presence into the river also led to this disease. The bacteria had algae that turned the river red; the red color also brought about actual bloodshed. The color brought in frogs, flies and other insects whose presence contaminated the river and spread the plague.

3. Underwater Cities 

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One of the greatest cities of Egypt remained out of sight for 1000 years. Thonis-Heracleion was discovered finally around 20 years back. The city was famous as a major trade center and was founded years ago in 7 BCE. Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Mediterranean were all linked through this trade route. While the excavations were carried out, several statues of Greek gods and rulers built in Egyptian fashion were found, along with it there were also several pillars with Hieroglyphics. This discovery can provide us with more understanding of the activities and functioning of people in the ancient Egypt.

2. Incest

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A Taboo in today’s time. Incest was a common practice in the various kingdoms of Egypt. It was a common phenomenon to get married to siblings. As per the Egyptian mythologies, many deities had married their siblings. The Royals in Egypt continued this practice for generations to come. Lord Tutankhamun was an example of Incest, his parents were siblings. This incestuous activity led to several genetic diseases, malformations and also infections which were all experienced by Tutankhamun who used a stick to walk properly.

1. Rituals Of Masturbation

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God Atum’s masturbation led to the creation of the Universe as per the Egyptian mythology. According to the mythology, the God masturbated into nothingness and it is only after this activity that other Gods grew simultaneously. This led to the further activity of Pharaohs masturbating and ejaculating in front of a crowd in the river Nile. This was done to repeat the mythological theory. The Pharaohs act meant the bountiful harvest and prosperity for the people.

Egypt might have a whole new story for us lurking somewhere below the earth. Until then let’s hope the Archaeologists keep excavating.



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