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Brilliant words from the brilliant Stephen Fry. (17 Quotes)

Stephen Fry Quote 8

A true genius and yet so humble. Why can’t he be prime minister?...

The Greatest Understatements of All Time (9 Pictures)

The greatest understatements of all time 3

Source (My Science Academy)...

Moving Motivation: 15 Inspirational Pictorial Quotes to Help You Start Exercising

You won't regret it

Are you like most computer who prefer staying indoors and eating chocolate to getting out and exercising? Do you feel the need to exercise but cannot find the motivation to do so? If yes, then you need to have a...

A Healthy Dosage of Motivation to Get You Through the Day

Go Left

Cheer up! No reason to be down when we’ve got some excellent motivation coming your way! Check out these inspirational quotes to get the motivation you need! Read on:                      ...

Inspiring Words: Your Required Dose of Motivation to Get You Through (25 Pics)


Has the day got you down again? Do you need an injection of bring-me-up? Yes? You’re in luck! We’ve got some wonderful words of inspiration directed your way. Read these remarkable inspirational posters and watch yourself elated.      ...

Celebrity Wisdom: 15 Inspiring Quotations by Popular Celebrities

Mark Twain

While the daily life of a celebrity might not be filled with deep contemplation, sometimes celebrities do utter deeply meaningful and inspiring things. The beauty of their quotations however is their simplicity of language. In their collection of simple words...

15 Awesome Inspirational Quotes by Celebrities and Famous People

Abraham Lincoln

Let these words of greatminds inspire you and help you to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life....

A Terrific 2012: Top 15 Inspirational Pictures to Start New Year on a Positive Note

2012 positive start

There are times when life punches down everybody. But Rocky isn’t the only one who can get back up again. With the right amount of inspiration, you can soldier on, no matter how tough things get. To help you out,...

A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way, Pick Some =)


Almost middle of the week, If you are feeling down (even a little) then you have landed on the right page....