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Category: Memes

“Pepper Spray Cop” is Now Officially a Meme (25 Pics)


My my, look at the time! It’s half past pepper spray! There is absolutely nothing funny about a cop pepper blasting peaceful protesters right into the faces but these memes definitely cracked me up pretty bad. I do not mean to...

Best of “Repressed Suburban Father” Meme (15 Pics)


I aspire to be him if i ever go suburban.                                ...

The Phone Dog: Hilarious Meme Remixes (9 Pics)


It all started with a single picture and ended with several lol worthy remixes over No matter how many time I read “HELLO.. YES, THIS IS DOG” I find it cute and funny.   The Original  ...

College Freshman Meme: One Month Later (10 Pics)


If you catch up with internet memes you must have come across College Freshman Meme which started not long ago. After more or less a month ago the meme is back and extended.              ...

Best of “Grandma finds the Internet” Meme (25 Pics)

Grandma finds the Internet 25

One you tell her that you can fix computers, your life is over.                                                ...

21 Absolutely Hilarious Memes and Verticals


Monday’s already here, this post is going to be your day maker!                                          ...

New Meme in Town – Introducing the Lich King Power Meme (21 Pics)


Here we have Lich King, a Character from World of Warcraft. Cool people from came up with this meme and the fire is spreading fast and people are remixing it rapidly.           ^Reference    ...

Best of The “Insanity Puppy” Meme


Think he is cute? Don’t trust your eyes. He is pretty ruthless if you give him a chance!                                            ...

The Best of Scumbag Geese Meme


They don’t seem to care much about anything =\                    ...