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Category: General / Humor

13 Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets - Russell Brand

Andy Samberg Brad Paisley Elisabeth Moss Jessica Alba Jessica Simpson Julie Bowen Kate Mara Kelly Ripa Kid Rock No Doubt Ray Romano Russell Brand Zach Braff...

12 Things Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

7. A Hitachi back massager.

Mom’s are easy to please. 1. Wine.   2. To be left alone.   3. A construction paper card coated in glitter.   4. To be alone in the house.   5. 24 hours without this happening.   6. Seriously....

Several Reasons Taylor Swift Might Be A Cat

13. So Much Shock

As if loving you one moment and hating you the next isn’t enough. 1. She Scares Easily 2. I Mean, Really Easily 3. Seriously, How Often Does This Have to Happen? 4. She Is Perplexed By Many Things 5. She...

12 Human Tricks That Look Impossible [GIFs]

Cup flip

The human body is incredible… but I never knew humans could do any of these tricks! Scalp trick   Finger trick   Hula Rope Climb   Hand circle   All the possible belts   Front flip to put hat on...

Dude, Hold My Beer And Watch This! (15 Pics)

Hold my beer 5

Unfortunately most these will not end well, but it’s better to go down as a hero...