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Super Awesome Pic Dump Of The Day (21 Funny Pics)

Always wash your hands!

Faith in humanity- restored.

Friends are friends, but best friends are...awesome

Google shows no mercy.

His poor dad just wanted a hit

I Waste So Much Time

I'm officially less attractive than a cat.

Just get in! There's no time to explain.

Made a protein shake after a hard arms day...

Maybe you shouldn't wear a ponytail

My company has a really strict dress code

My personal favorite comment

People on Tumblr should not be parents...

Recapturing the old photos...

She has a pretty unrealistic view of herself.

Some light reading

The feeling after sitting on my foot for too long...

The wondrous poetry of nature.

This is how it works!

This is the canine equivalent of walking arm in arm.

Trying to quit the internet...


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