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Super Awesome Pic Dump Of The Day (20 Funny Pics)

Always look on the bright side...

Because OM NOM NOM...

Correct on so many levels

How cats see books...

I never step on the scale...

Is something still racist if it says something positive? (Answer- Yes, but it's still funny.)

Lisa, it's time you learned the truth about men.

Listen Becky, someone has to be double letters

Looks like he's on the lamb.

Pregnancy and Women.. Q&A & More!

Sometimes life just isn't fair.

That guy's a real pussy magnet.

The Joker has a pretty good point.

There there, it will be OK.

This man is clearly a terrorist.

Time For Deadlift

Well, screw you, too, Broccoli.

You can learn a lot from your dog.

You need a lift? Hop in.

Ironic fact about Robert Doney Jr


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