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10 Murderers Haunted By Their Victim’s Ghost

So you kill a person and you think they rest in peace for eternity? Nu-uh. Some of them are savages and they’ll make you regret everything. Here are 10 murderers who never stopped seeing their victims.

10. Mark Bridger


Mark Bridger spent most of his days drinking and watching indecent images and videos of children. One particular night of 2012, he drank a little too much and came across 5 years old April Jones. He told the police that he remembered hitting Jones with his car, accidentally and later alcohol had blurred his memory. But when the forensic results came back it was found that he had sexually assaulted the minor and killed her. He told his cellmate that Jones comes in the cell every night when he is the only one awake.

9. Jose E. Ferreira Jr.

(Source: Journal Sentinal)

Jose Ferreira was 17 when he met Carrie Ann Jopek, 13, at a party in 1982. He asked her if she would smoke a joint in the basement, to which she agreed. However, she started having second thoughts and stopped mid way. Jose pushed her down the stairs, had her way with her and later noticed that her neck had broken. He buried the body near his neighbor’s porch. There were no evidence or witnesses of this incident. So how did the police know? Jose confessed. Why? He said that Jopek’s spirit had been haunting him since she died. He confessed the murder 30 years later.

8. Ah Fong

(Source: No Sleep)

In Hong Kong in 1999, three members of a secret triad gang society captured Fan Man-yee. They claimed that she owed them HK$20,000. They horrifically tortured her for a month, sawing parts of her body and boiling them. She died because of her injuries. One of the men had a 13-year-old girlfriend, Ah Fong, who had helped with the torture. One day she called the police claiming that she suffered nightmares because of Fan Man Yee. She testified in exchange for immunity. The three men were found guilty of manslaughter, and they were sentenced to life in prison.

7. Victor Amewugah

(Source: Modern Ghana)

Victor Amewugah hired a taxi driver for a long journey in 2013. It is not clear what crime he had committed earlier but he had to keep changing his rides. He killed his driver and hired another taxi. He killed him too and quite soon he started seeing his second victim. The second victim’s ghost would come in his nightmares and even slap him when he would be asleep. He couldn’t get a decent sleep and called a friend telling him about the haunting. His friend informed the police and Victor was arrested. He even advised other murderers to change their lifestyles in order to avoid being haunted.

6. Al Capone

(Source: Kickass Facts)

The North Side gang was a dominant Irish-American criminal organization. On February 14, 1929, seven associates from the gang met at a garage. Four men approached, two of them dressed as officers, asked them to line up and opened fire. All seven died. It was believed that it was masterminded by Al Capone, leader of the rival South Side Gang. After a few months, he was arrested and the guards would report about him screaming. Even after his punishment was over, his bodyguards would find him screaming. When asked he’d reply that he’s being haunted by James Clark’s ghost, who was one of the seven people killed.

5. Bhim Shankar Giri

(Source: Midday)

Bhim Shankar Giri’s brother Jeetendra Anantlal Giri kept harassing his wife, even after repeated warnings. He got sick of it and asked Jitendra to accompany him to a party. He took him to a secluded area instead and slit his throat. After a week Bhim started hearing his brother’s voices and could not sleep as he would be there even in his dreams. He confessed about it to his family when he couldn’t take it anymore. The family informed the police and Bhim was arrested.

4. John Nkuna

(Source: Fox News)

Bob Ruel Baloyi was kidnapped by John Nkuna and two more of his friends, in 2002, in South Africa. They tied him up, beat him and set him on fire. The remains were found by a cattle herder who informed the police. Nkuna fled from the city but soon the haunting started. He would hear Bayoli’s voice every night saying “Just tell my family that you are the one who murdered me and you’ll start sleeping in peace, or you’ll follow me.” He confessed his crimes to the family but he pleaded not guilty in court. However, his confession to the family was used against him and he was sentenced 15-year in prison.

3. Adrian Daou


In 2010 Jennifer Stewart was axed in a parking lot. Three years passed and there were no leads until Adrian Daou confessed. He said that he did it to build a career in music. He believed he would “be a really good rapper” because “people talk about that killer stuff.” He also confessed that he saw Jennifer’s ghost on a bike path where he went to smoke a joint. He had started seeing her ghost nearly twice a day, so he confessed when he couldn’t take it anymore.

2. Daniel French

(Source: Alamy)

In 2012, Daniel French broke into 89-year-old Barbara’s house to rob her and killed her by choking. The murder remained unsolved for two years. The police put together the little evidence they had. When French was questioned, he confessed at once. He told the police that he felt terrible for the woman’s murder, and that “I saw Ms. Howe’s ghost, and I apologized.”

1. Terry Childs

(Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel)

In 1987, Terry Childs stabbed a 17-year-old girl, Lois Sigala to death. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to 41 years in prison. He would tell his cellmates that he sees Lois. He confessed to some more murders while in prison. He said that all his victims haunt him and he sees them eating up his brain. He even said that he confessed to “escape his demons.”


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