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Tag: Awesome

Behind The Scenes Photos From 23 Awesome Movies

Behind The Scenes ThumbPress 21

Great movies always make us forget that it is actually a movie we are watching; the scenes dissolve us within them and we no longer keep in mind that the roles are being played by actors and the sights we...

Worth a Look – Amazing Street Art by MTO


MTO, a graffiti and street-art artist from Berlin (DE) creates spectacular grayscale murals of pop culture icons. If you are in Berlin don’t miss the chance to see some works in real. For that MTO has made a map of...

The Best Moments From Comic-Con 2011


So much babes, so much eye candy.. i am so confused what to like and what not to.. because in general, this my friend is called geek heaven!                        ...

Fun Facts: How Big Businesses Got Their Company Names


Ever wonder how IKEA got it’s seemingly silly name? Or how the developers of Adobe decided on their name? If yes, then then the following post will surely quench your curiosity. Check out below what things, people, and reasons popular...

The 30 Wickedest Villains by Disney


People normally associate only Mickey Mouse with Disney. But we often forget that Disney has created some of the most wicked villains and that too for children’s viewing! From Judge Claude Frollo to Professor Ratigan, Disney has been impressively creative in coming...

15 Least Visited Countries Tourists Should Visit More Often


Where were you dreaming of travelling to this summer? Spain, Greece or Turkey? Perhaps somewhere more exotic, such as Morocco or Sri Lanka? While millions of people ponder these tried and true holiday spots, it’s worth sparing a thought for...

Boba Fett Cosplay Done Right


Why can’t we all just get along and call her Booba Fap!...

30 Photos of Nature to Make You Wish for a Vacation


If you’re like me, you like the indoors. You have to. Most of your work is done sitting in front of a computer screen. But when pictures like these pop up on the internet, you can’t help but wish for...

Amazing Creatures in the Depths of the White Sea (20 Pics)


White Sea is a southern inlet of the Barents Sea located on the northwest coast of Russia. The sea is characterized by stable temperature – a condition that suits a wide variety of sea life. Considering that many of us...